Every recording artist’s needs and requirements are different. Based on an understanding of what you are looking to achieve, our experienced team can provide the technical expertise to best realise your project. Our competitive prices are based on your session. Contact us to arrange a booking.


With a wealth of world-class outboard equipment at our fingertips, our mixes and your music will sound a cut above the rest. We often mix as part of a recording project but also take on individual mixes at competitive rates. Prices vary based on track count and an assessment of what the mix needs.


Mastering is a stand-alone service offering professional analogue and digital mastering using our unique piece of vintage BBC audio equipment. Prices start from £55 a track. For more information, please visit the Eve Mastering website.

EVE is an analogue recording studio with vintage Neve 53 series console and Protools HDX in Manchester UK, with residental accomodation.
EVE offers a unique experimental environment for music writing, recording, production and performance.

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