Gear List


Neve 53 Series custom 12/4/2 discrete console (33129 mic pres) c.1977 w/

16 x Calrec J-series Mk1 discrete channels (PQ10-242S mic pres) c.1972

Digital Recording

AVID HDX Thunderbolt 3 hot swap system w/ 32 analogue I/O

Protools v2020.12

Various plugins – please enquire


Quested H208 main monitors + custom Quested sub

Bryston 4BST/Quad 405 amps

Yamaha NS10s

Q-mix headphone mixer systems x 3

Vintage Microphones

AKG C451EB + CK1

AKG C451E + CK22

AKG C414EB x 2

Calrec CB series x 2

Calrec CM1050 x 2

Gefell UM70

Line Audio CM3  x 2 (modern)

Neumann KM54 FET x 2

Neumann U67 (HIRE ITEM)

Neumann U87 P48 silver

Neumann U89 P48 silver

Oktava MK219 silver

Realistic PZM x 2

BBC Marconi AXBT ribbon

Melodium 42B ribbon

RCA 77DX ribbon

ST&C (Coles) 4038 ribbon x 3

Tannoy ribbon

AKG D112



Altec 633A

Beyerdynamic M201

Beyerdynamic M88

Electrovoice RE20

E.V.E. Sub

Grundig Sputnik (MD409) x 2

Sennheiser MD421 x 4

Sennheiser MD441

Shure SM57 x 2

Shure SM58

Shure SM555

Shure SM7b (modern)

Shure Unidyne 545

STC 4021 ball and biscuit

STC 4021 ball and biscuitless (+ 2 fixed room mics)

STC 4032

Vintage Outboard

BBC valve passive A microphone preamplifier x 5

Langevin discrete Am16 mic pre x 4

Neve discrete 1290 (1073 mic pre) x 4

Vortexion T.M.P. valve mic pre eq voice channel

Klein & Hummel UE-100 valve Universal Equaliser

Lang PEQ-2 discrete equaliser

Strawberry graphic equaliser (ex. Martin Hannett / Cargo)

BBC Am6/3 germanium limiter

Dolby 360 w/modded A card

DBX 160 VU x 2

Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8X x 2 (modern)

E.V.E. Love Apple

E.V.E. Love Animal

E.V.E. Tone Shaper

Neve 2262 compressor limiter x 2

PYE valve limiting amplifier ‘British Fairchild’

PYE compressor amplifiers x 2

SSL 4000 series bus compressor (clone)

Urei LN1176 silver face 

AKG BX20 E spring (mono)

EMT 140 TS plate

EMT 240 Gold Foil plate

EMT 245 digital reverb

Great British Spring (stereo broadcast version)

Orban 111B dual spring

Bel BD-80 digital delay

Melos analog echo

Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo (HIRE ITEM)

TC Electronic D-2 digital delay (modern)

Vintage Instruments

Avon Continental organ

Challen upright piano

Crumar InstaPiano

Farfisa Compact germanium transistor organ c.1960s w/combo amp

Fender Rhodes MkI Stage Seventy Three

Hammond L100 valve with Leslie 122 valve rotary speaker

Hohner Organa reed organ

Hohner Pianet T

LIPP upright piano

Philips Philicorda

Renn upright piano c.1960s

Richard Lipp & Sohn upright “Princess” piano c. 1910

Wurlitzer EP200A electric piano

Hawkes tubular bells c. 1930s

Ludwig 402 Supraphonic snare drum 70s

Premier snare drum 60s

Premier snare drum 70s

Premier vibraphone c. 1920s

Slingerland Artist snare drum c.1969/70 (wood)

Slingerland Artist drum kit c.1969/70

Sonor drum kit c. 1975

PLEASE NOTE: we do not provide cymbals so please bring your own

Fender Precision bass (made in Mexico 1990s?)

Levin LT-26 Goliath acoustic guitar c. 1963

Tokai Breezy Sound Telecaster copy c.1982

Vintage Backline

Ampeg BR-15 Portaflex valve head and speaker 1990s

Fane 2×10” Saxon bass cab 1980s

Fender Princeton Reverb 1970s

Fender Pro Reverb 1970s

Laney AOR Pro Tube valve head 1980s

Laney KLIPP 100w valve head 1970s

Marshall 1960 cab ‘Stinky’ c. 1975

Miles Platting 50w valve head 1970s

Mile Platting 100w valve head 1970s

Miles Platting cab (2 x G12H) 1970s

PAI PA cab w/ Celestion 15″ greenback 1960s

Roland Jazz Chorus 1980s

Ross FAME amp 1980s

Selmer Little Giant crocodile valve combo 4W 1960s

Traynor YBA-4 bass combo 1970s

WEM 2/12 100W cab circa UnMaguana 1970s

WEM Dominator MK!!! 1970s


What are you looking for..?

EVE is an analogue recording studio with vintage Neve 53 series console and Protools HDX in Manchester UK, with residental accomodation.
EVE offers a unique experimental environment for music writing, recording, production and performance.

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