Control Room

The Control Room is linked via our Type 316 patch bay,  the most reliable there is for complete modular connectivity. A wealth of outboard gear and the awesome sounding “McKenzie” vintage 26/4 custom recording console. Industry recognised monitoring includes the ever classic NS10’s, Klein and Hummel O300 active monitors and a Quested main monitor system.  Sessions are typically recorded into our 32 in and out Protools 10 system but we also enjoy recording to tape on the superb Studer MK1 discrete 1″ 8 track tape recorder.

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Silver Room

The Silver Room is our main live recording space with custom built modular absorbers and diffusers installed. Getting amazing drum sounds is quick and simple, whether with your own kit or our 60’s Slingerland Artist. AK recording baffles are available to tighten a source or for separation in the room. Line drivers are used to isolate amplifiers in different rooms if separation is desired. Our famous BBC Marconi and STC Ball and Biscuitless microphones hang from the ceiling and are wired directly into the patch bay for fast capture.

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Piano Room

All three upright pianos sound incredible in the Piano Room. As do the tubular bells and our 1920’s vibraphone. The conscious decision to keep the natural room acoustics intact allows for instruments to sound as vibrant and exciting as possible. Also sounds great for percussion, acoustic instruments, rhythmical electronics, and reamping.

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Dry Room

With it’s tight acoustic properties the Dry Room is an ideal space to record lead vocals. Mix that with signal from one of our vintage reverbs or echo chambers for a winning combination. Artists often comment on how comfortable they feel performing in the space. The room is also frequently used to separate out amplifiers as well during live takes.

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Amp Room

There’s a wide choice of amps available to use in the studio. As well as an array of speakers and cabs. Amps from Fender, Vox, Roland, Ampeg, Selmer, Traynor, Hiwatt. Tie lines for sends and microphones are wired and boxes are on hand to raise amps to avoid early reflections.

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Echo Room

With vibrant dynamics the echo room is a great flavour to add to any instrument or performance. There’s ambient access from the amp and dry room to give sonic possibilities making you’re sounds individual. Breath life into drum triggers, give soft synths space in the mix or ambience on a guitar solo.

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As well as an incredible recording studio we also have the space for guests to stay. Staying over is free for longer bookings and very reasonable for shorter stays. More Info

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EVE is a unique vintage recording studio in Manchester, with residental accomodation.
EVE offer an experimental analogue environment for music production and performance.

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