Acoustic Pianos

Renn upright piano c.1960s

Richard Lipp & Sohn upright “Princess” piano c. 1910

Witton,Witton & Co. upright piano c. 1920s

Electric Pianos & Organs

Avon Continental organ

Crumar InstaPiano

Farfisa Compact germanium transistor organ c.1960s

Fender Rhodes MkI Stage Seventy Three

Hammond L100 valve with Leslie 122 valve rotary speaker

Hohner Organa reed organs – various

Hohner Pianet T

Philips Philicorda

Wurlitzer EP200A electric piano

Electronic instruments

Alesis ION synthesiser

ARP Omni II synthesiser

Jen monophonic synthesiser

Korg Polyensemble synthesiser

Moog Minimoog Model D

Roland RS101 string synthesiser

Sequential Circuits Pro One *


Bradshaw semi acoustic 8-string*

Danelectro 60s “Wildebeast” bass*

English Electronics Tonemaster (Varelco) lapsteel*

Fender Jazzmaster c.1961*

Fender Precision bass (Mexico)

Guild “Black Widow” bass*

Ibanez acoustic 12 string 80s*

Ibanez Artist electric guitar c.1973*

Levin Goliath acoustic 6 string c.1963 *

Selmer Futurama guitar c.1960s*

Tokai Breezy Sound Telecaster copy c.1982 *

Yamaha classical nylon guitar*



Stringed Things

Zithers, dulcimers and psaltery dating from 19th century to recent

Drums & Percussion

Slingerland Artist drum kit (no cymbals provided) c.1969

Sonor Force 2007

Premier snare drum 60s

Premier snare drum 70s

Hammond Vario Deluxe rhythm box

Amps & Speakers

Ampeg BR-15 Portaflex valve head and speaker

Fane 2×10” Saxon bass cab 1980s

Fender Princeton Reverb 70s

Laney AOR Pro Tube valve head

Laney KLIPP 100w valve head

Marshall 1960 cab ‘Stinky’ c. 1975

Miles Platting 50w valve head and cab (2 x G12H)

Miles Platting 50w valve combo (2 x G12H Greenback)

Mile Platting 100w valve head

PAI PA cab w/ Celestion 15″ greenback 60s

Roland Jazz Chorus 80s

Ross FAME amp x 2

Selmer Little Giant crocodile valve combo

Selmer Selectatone Truvoice valve combo*

Traynor YBA-4 bass combo

Traynor PA cab

Various other vintage speakers and amps

Vox AC10 vintage valve combo

WEM 2/12 100W cab circa UnMaguana

EVE is a unique vintage recording studio in Manchester, with residental accomodation.
EVE offer an experimental analogue environment for music production and performance.

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