Acoustic Pianos

EVE has three pianos dating from 1910 to the early 70s. Each with a different sonic signature to cover the spectrum of recording from classical to pop and beyond. Our LIPP upright sounds as good as any grand, with sonorous bass and rich textures. The Wilton has a punchy mid tone reminiscent of pianos on 60s records. The Benson is as bright and brash as any school teacher and one for the ravers.

Electric Pianos & Organs

Some cool vintage keys including classic Hammond L100 with historic Leslie 122, Wurlitzer EP200A, Hohner Pianet, a bunch of Italian electric pianos and some very groovy transistorised/wind powered organs.

Electronic instruments

Various classic synthesisers, string machines and drum machines to add swoops, whooshes and bleeps to your creative taste. We also have special access to the Radiophonic Collection, upon request and subject to availability.


Whilst most artists prefer to use their own axes we have a selection available ranging from classic vintage to beat up and modded. They all sound great in their own way.

Stringed Things

Dulicmers, sitars and numerous other esoteric stringed friends. Quite often used for lead melody lines they sound that good.

Drums & Percussion

Vintage 60’s Slingerland kit and various snares including a Ludwig Supraphonic and Premier Ace to use. Sonor Force 2005 and Tama Kits also available. Plus tambourines, shakers and other rhythmical toys in the percussion box.

Amps & Speakers

Vintage Fender, Laney, Marshall, Vox, Ross, Roland, Wem, Selmer, Miles Platting…..

EVE is a unique vintage recording studio in Manchester, with residental accomodation.
EVE offer an experimental analogue environment for music production and performance.

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