The ‘McKenzie’ was custom built by CALREC for producer Angus McKenzie, founder of Olympic Studios and was their flagship console in 1972.  The Class A side cars are later additions from Calrec’s J-series range which were designed in partnership with the BBC in the mid 70s and have since achieved cult status.

Analogue Recording

We record our analogue sessions to an early Studer Mk1 A80 8-track, with all discrete electronics, reliable transport and an unbelievable sound. Thunderous on drums and bass, sublime on vocals and with a cohesion on tape sessions which is as much to do with the required recording approach as it is the tape itself.  Other tape machines at EVE may be available upon request.


Digital Recording

We record sessions digitally to Protools 10 HD for quality of sound, ease of use and industry compatibility. We offer 32 channels of analogue i/0 and an HD4 Accel level of processing power. Information on our plugins can be found in the Gear List.


For monitoring we use the ubiquitous NS10’s with Quad amplification, Klein and Hummel O300 active near field monitors for accurate detail across the spectrum and Quested H208 mid field monitors with custom Quested subs for some weight.  We can of course accommodate your own near fields should you prefer.

Mic Pres

EVE is home to some exceptional sounding and indeed extremely rare vintage tube microphone pre amplifiers designed and built by the BBC as far back as World War II. We also offer a number of classic solid state designs by Calrec, Neve and Langevin, as well as esoteric pres by Vortexion, PYE and RTE upon request.


EVE focuses on microphone placement as the primary equalisation tool, however hardware (and software) equalisers undoubtedly have their place for sound sculpture, coloration and balance. EQ’s by Klein and Hummel, Langevin, Cinema Engineering and Lang, to name a few favourites.


EVE’s classic compressor limiters and dynamic signal processors include Audio & Design, BBC, DBX, Dolby, Neve, PYE, UREI and the ultimate benchmark, our very own E.V.E. range.


In addition to the natural reverb characteristics of our rooms, classic mechanical reverberation models at EVE include EMT 140 and 240 Gold Foil Plates, AKG BX20, Orban and GBS spring reverbs, whilst the jewel in the digital crown goes to our beautiful EMT 245 digital reverb.

Delays and Effects

Lots of funky tape delays and three cheers for the bucket brigade!!! Delays by Melos, Publison, Watkins, Wem, TC Electronics…


Any studio is only as good as the front end. EVE is proud of our growing vintage microphone collection which contains classics of every kind  #microphones

EVE is a unique vintage recording studio in Manchester, with residental accomodation.
EVE offer an experimental analogue environment for music production and performance.

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